One you’ve never heard of: Perry Jones, 19, killed by the police
Katherine Reed

It’s a fine line between working the story and the story working you. It seems you got the latter end of that — I’m sorry.

Thank You

Thank you for going out on a limb for the sake of humanity. We need people like you to step up when something does not seem right.

Whether you realize it or not, you could have put your life in danger. Mysterious things seem to happen to people that ask too many questions in the wrong place at the wrong time — look into deaths surrounding the Clintons.

Again, thank you.

Jumping to Conclusions

It is also important for everyone else that reads your article to apply some skepticism. Please take no offense as that is only part of the process.

We’ve jumped to this mindset that an introduction of just a little bit of facts is enough to cast judgement. It’s premature judgement and it’s sad because it plays into availability heuristics.

There is so much that isn’t known, without putting in too much effort here are a few questions that I could quickly come up with:

  • Is it the responsibilty of the coroner to find/contact the family? If so, what are the laws surrounding family contact? How much effort needs to be made? Perhaps its up to the family to contact the coroner and lack of contact is enough to assert that the family didn’t want it.
  • How much funding does the town have? The answer to this may have other implications regarding the coronary procedure, police procedure (right-or-wrong), training. — What’s the training like?
  • Were there other circumstances surrounding the individual? As hillarious the idea may be, is their a history of people killing from roofs? Was he known by the police, was he wanted by the police, etc. ?
    This line of questions is more for background clarity, not to excuse any wrongdoing. I’m sure you would have reported if there was anything applicable, we the reader just don’t know all the 5-W’s
  • Do those police have a history of performing these kinds of actions? Is there a pattern? Is there a trend?

Next Step

Please don’t misinterpret this line of questioning and analysis. Whether it’s improper police procedure or downright racism, there is a problem.

The next step is to determine what that problem is, without making assumptions. Only then can we propose better solutions to prevent something like this happening to you, me, or our kids.

Finally, it’s nice that ordinary civilians now have the capability to record these procedures. We can address problem cases much more quickly, with a much clearer vision than any time in history — hopefully, this leads to preventing these kinds of things from happening.

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