Funny you should mention misogyny, too.

John vs Claire

When you say OP you’re referring to John, and not Claire; whereas the highlighted words mentioned above regarding lack of penis, was directed at Claire.

Implication that John is Not a Man

The response I sent to the OP are questions on what he considers to be the ‘men’ that he is cancelling — he stated, “I’m going to have to cancel men”. He uses ‘men’ to refer to it’s entirety, so not just some men, but the general stereotype or characterization of what is considered to be a man; all qualities that are understood to be the making of ‘man’.

By cancelling it implies he considers himself to already be one. Based on his word choice and actions throughout the article I question that. I ask for clarification in what his definition of being a man is.


The conversation with Claire is entirely separate. I have no issue with women or transgenders in general. She said, “Have an awesome day watching football, drinking beer and hitting your wife.”

As if because I am a man, I must participate in those things — beer, football, and wife-beating. Claire, at one point in time, had a penis. That really isn’t an issue, the only thing I was conjecturing — really, questioning — is if that is why she cut it off? She likens being a man to doing those things, I question if she had experience doing those things when she identified as a man, or when she had a penis.

I further use it as a device to suggest that her own gender confusion may also lead others to believe that she is confused about what it means to be a gender to begin with. That doesn’t mean I am accusing her of being confused, just that so few people go from one to another and people draw conclusions.

Open Accounts

My initial reply to John, the OP, was between him and I, guy and guy. As he had initially dressed me when he said ‘men’. My response does not emasculate him, it doesn’t involve women other than identifying their existence.

I welcome female perspective on what they consider to be a man. There is no handbook, but there are definitely natural, common-sense, and inate understandings that boys don’t typically grasp; like resolving manhood to beer, football, and crime.

So if you, with vaginas, want to be mature and contribute with your thoughts; feel free, I’m not stopping you. Many of the behaviors that are considered manly have been taught by mothers.

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