It’s easy to say that kind of crap when you have no idea what they look like (and thus, your brain fills in based on stereotypes and generalities). It’s much harder to insist that the buff guy in front of you is “actually” a woman and should be using the women’s restroom.
Except they are, even if people aren’t explicitly doing so.
Shauna Gordon

More :/ I’ve read all kinds of psychological studies. I’ve pursued research varying across centuries, including present day. Why do you think you’re going to be teaching someone something on the internet, whom you know nothing about? Because an opinion you don’t agree with exists? I welcome the contention if it is warranted and introduces a less obvious idea, maybe if I was in better health and had the energy to be more cordial and entertain the idea.

But my patience wears thin.

You’ve obviously have some idea in your head of who I am. Some preconception of what I as an individual am like because I offered something you don’t agree with. Does that seem like the pot calling the “kettle” black?— only I’m not the kettle. You’re following some red herring, leading you to imperfection.

Take a breath and be with me now. Life is great. Stop assuming the worst in people. You’re gonna get through whatever it is you seem to be going through — just try and persevere if you think it’s challenging. Willpower is an unbelievable trait, but like a muscle it grows under exercise.

Your effort is just…misdirected

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