Perhaps the greatest thing about the Olympics is that it offers a distraction from all that’s wrong with America — Trump supporters, guns, Trump supporters with guns — so we can just enjoy watching fellow Americans non-violently kick some ass.
Ryan Lochte Is the Ugly American
John McDermott

Pop-culture Politics

Wow. Someone got political.

  1. Perhaps when comparing privileged, white, liars of significance, you meant Hillary.
  2. The same guns you claim is wrong with America are those that protect the citizens from domestic and foreign threats as they have in the past with wildlife, Britain, Hitler, etc.


Your statements are so marginally insignificant, I question why you have so many likes. Even your facts on Lochte are shallow, lacking important details:

  1. Lochte was intoxicated. This skews judgement and memory. Certain details are made vague during recollection even 5 mins after an event. This might be the biggest thing to consider when analyzing the situation.
  2. Lochte called the police in the first place. He didn’t have to contact them. He was destroying property and got away with it for ~$50+damages — Why call the police with a lie? Even if drunk that doesn’t make sense.
  3. Lochte was in a car with others and a gun was pointed at them. That’s not a little extreme? Maybe it wasn’t pointed against his head; he also said they were pulled over off the road, but footage shows they were already pulled over. It’s not like someone didn’t point a gun at them at all, people that didn’t look like police. This isn’t Hillary “landing under gunfire” — hey, you did it.

Not Innocent

This all said, I don’t believe it excuses Ryan and his accomplices’ actions. He was still representing the USA and he is not a child (not that it matters). He’s not there on vacation, it’s not personal time, he’s making money as a representative of the United States. He should not be excused.

Omission is Not Cool

But don’t sit there and not tell the whole story. Don’t leave out facts to make it seem like he’s purposely using his privilege and predicament for attention, and then insert some political bullshit in the middle of your rant.

Power On

Cheer up, tomorrow’s a better day. There will be plenty of plants for you kill and eat when that day comes. The lifeblood of your hypocrisy is in tact.

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