It was years later when I learned the source of her fear and opinion of lesbians and sexuality and it knocked the wind right out of me!
When Does COMING OUT End?
S Lynn Knight

Probably the most interesting part, which leaves the reader with something to analyze and make a decision (judgement) for themselves and yet it was left out.

I look forward to hearing more of your story. As I age, I realize two things:

1) We all live different lives

2) In the past I have overly sympathized for people with abnormal conditions; that is, desires that are obstructed due to race, gender, age, religion, sexuality.

This realization begets a necessity; for me this must change. I can be empathetic without having to give up anything.

Whereas before I was joining causes and shaming others, I no longer feel that is my place. It’s nice to hear other people gain a voice, courage, etc. but I have to stop living my life for other people.

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