No Neverender, only you misunderstand.

Susan, what are words?

They are generally accepted sounds or line patterns used to communicate so that the execution of their use is understood 99.9% of the time.

Whether “partial birth abortion” is identified as actual medical technique, or something more conceptual, the underlying message is still conveyed the same way. You understand what it means, regardless of it being a medical term — it feels like you’re deflecting.

I think I understand completely when a baby is halfway out of a womb and needs to be killed, that it’s referred to as a partial birth abortion. I also wouldn’t care if it’s a medical term, or in the vernacular (as it is).

I think you misunderstand.

If it’s a non-issue, why are you even talking about it? If it never happens it would be a non-issue. The sad thing is there is a candidate that continually propagates and defends the idea that it’s okay to do so — it’s not.

And no, Hillary was not for it to protect the health of the mother. It was all about women’s right to choose in the 90s and male vs female decisions on child birth.

Hillary was for partial birth abortions in order to keep the government out of women’s health — she likened her view of enforcement to the China policy of mandatory screening of its citizens.

Don’t defend something to me because you think you understand her or where she’s coming from, unless you could offer a little more of the history behind her policy. I’ll gladly accept facts and data sheets about partial birth abortions that take place throughout the world — I’ve heard anecdotal accounts of it happening, so please don’t tell me it never happens, just come at me with data.

Corruption doesn’t start on the battlefield, it’s been in the Clinton regime before the war ever started and they’re great at pulling the strings and escaping imprisonment.