I hate the abortion issue. With a passion. The reason is simple — other people’s reproductive health choices aren’t my business anymore than it’s my business if others’ have a liver problem.
H. Nemesis Nyx

The debate over abortion comes down to two things:

  1. Moral responsibility
  2. Protection of rights

If an innocent life exists, are we not morally obligated to protect it as much as we can? Does a woman not have opportunity to extinguish the chance of that life in the first trimester?

A baby can literally survive on life support prior to being birthed. Pre-mature births happen all the time. As I understand it, living beings are protected under the Constitution (edit: the Constitution does not cover unborn fetuses, though maybe it should?). Thus the living being has a right to life and aborting that life is simply taking away its rights.

It is no different from killing a mentally handicapped person, unable to fend (survive) for their-self.

When innocent lives are at stake, that is when others in the community get involved. The notion that people are sexually irresponsible is not a defense for taking a life and teaching society that people can behave in a way where they won’t be held accountable nor responsible for their actions. Permitting and enabling isn’t necessarily the best moral imperative, is it?

Make it known — while I’m against abortion, I have never met anyone that is absolute in their stance. If a birth would cause the death of a mother, most people (like me), are for protecting the mother’s life — or at least allowing the mother the choice. Likewise, in an early enough trimester (before brain function), people generally don’t have a problem with early abortions. While many do advocate for responsible sexual activity (risk what you can afford), many are not against permitting abortions at early enough stages.

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