Only Morons Believe What The US Government Says About North Korea
Caitlin Johnstone

The one thing you have missed is that the CIA and NSA have tools at their disposal to spy on foreign governments and sabotage various systems.

This information was publicized by Wikileaks when the CIA’s systems were compromised earlier this year — most likely by another contractor.

It’s speculated that some of the targets included Iran, but I would not be surprised if it included many others such as North Korea, Russia, and perhaps certain South American targets.

This article speculates that the US may have been involved in N.Korea’s misfire earlier this year:

Much of this is speculation and conjecture, but it leaves me to question; if US did interfere, might the Korean nuclear and missile programs actually be further along than it seems?

One thing we know is that North Korea has ramped up its missile testing, it was alleged that they had an ICBM capable of hitting US land last year, Kim Jong Un stated he could touch anywhere in the US — a possibility that shouldn’t be dismissed — and all he would really need is the ability to miniaturized a nuclear warhead.

From a country where the leader killed his girlfriend, uncle, ambassador, and who knows who else... I would rather err on the side of caution. Hillary ran her campaign with something like, “would you trust Trump with pushing the button.” I’m curious how do Democrats feel about Kim Jong Un?

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