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Amber Lisa

The only thing I can say is don’t trust liberal media. They paint Donald as a racist, hating bigot, liar. Donald is a CEO, he’s a negotiator. He doesn’t do the day-to-day, he makes decisions based on options, based on what his experts say — the same as a President does with its advisors.

Donald the Negotiator

As a negotiator, he embellishes and starts high as a negotiation tactic. For instance with the wall (these are impersonations and not actually quotes):
D: “I’m going to stop immigration.”
M: “You going to build a wall?”
D: “Yeah, I’m going to build the biggest fucking wall, to the moon and you’re going to pay for it.”
M: “We’re not going to build a wall.”
D: “Yes you’re going to pay for it… all of it.”
M: “No.”
D: “I tell you what, we won’t undo NAFTA, if you help out with the wall; otherwise, we’re going to tax the hell out of your imports to pay for this stupid wall”
M: “Okay, we’ll help pay for that wall, but we can’t build to the moon.”
D: “You’re going to build it to the moon.”
M: “We’ll make a fence, that should be enough.”
D: “To the sky. Give me a wall to the sky.”
M: “A tall fence.”
D: “As tall as the Sears tower, it’ll be glorious, we’ll put ‘made by Mexico’”
M: “A wall, with the made by Mexico.”
D: “Yes, now let’s build that fuckin’ wall.”

It’s negotiation, it’s all fluff and art of the deal.

That mentality is in everything he does. He sets some sort of standard that he doesn’t really believe, in order to catch you off guard, only to push you into something you wouldn’t have otherwise done. You see it as erratic, when it’s really quite brilliant. Only, it doesn’t come off as well when it’s always on camera, when it’s always being evaluated and critiqued. At the end of a negotiation, you’re usualy left saying ‘I don’t know how he got me to do that’, at the end of something recorded like this, you have time to react.

Hillary Incognito

If I were you, I would be more afraid of Hillary. She is the Devil you don’t know.

She’s been in the political game for far too long. Her and Bill are some of the best at knowing what to say, what is being watched, how it’s being interpreted. If you have something to fear it’s that. She’s manipulative, calculated, deceitful, and contriving.

Go look up what the families that accused Bill of rape went through — they were threatened and its interesting how many people affiliated with the Clintons have died. This is why Monica Lewinsky was a big deal. Maybe some people cared that Bill used his position for a BJ over a subordinate, but that didn’t compare as much to him lying under oath. Being found out on his lying started to confirm all the allegations made against him; suddenly, what he and Hillary claimed were lies, became facts.

Hillary is very calculated. She’s been in the political game for so long. She’s great at it and has become a millionaire in the process.

If you think Donald doesn’t want the office, maybe he doesn’t. Maybe he’ll step down, or be kicked out and Pence will step in. Pence is considerably better than Hillary. Perhaps that’s what people should consider.

Democrats vs Republicans

I don’t want to make this Democrats vs Republicans because I’m neither, but what I’ve seen is Democrats twist Republican intent — they’ve had the majority in Congress and the Presidency for how many years? What has happened? What is better for the lower class? How are American lives any better? Obama is worried about American lives lost in Iraq, there’s been 5K Amercian casualties in Iraq over the years— there’s been over that many in Chicago alone over the last 10 years — that’s where Obama is from, he was a Senator of Illinois and he didn’t even change that one city.

And you should absolutely have some fear. Just because you may (I don’t know your status) live in a cushiony house, have a cushiony job, not have to fear getting raped in the street in the middle of the day, or being the victim of a car bombing, it doesn’t mean the world isn’t going through that. The cushiony bubble that Americans live in is not like that everywhere else in the world — I can tell you there are real threats and pretending they don’t exist doesn’t make them go away.

Not only is there disruption in the Middle East, it has entered allied territories (Spain, France, England, Belgium); Israel (one of USA’s more trusted allies) is doubting US legitimacy; Iran most likely has a nuclear weapons program; even China now fears N.Korea; there’s instability in S.America. Hillary Clinton didn’t start a lot of this, but she absolutely made it worse. The treatment of confidential and secret information was intentionally negligent — she knew what she was doing. Hillary’s collusion with the DNC is downright infuriating, she basically hacked voting (and none of this amounts to the voter fraud that’s been found, but can’t be directly tied to her).

But you’re right, it’s all deception and image. For years Democrats have been lying to the lower class, setting up programs like Welfare, housing projects, single-mother programs, etc that locks a person in because it’s difficult to actually feed someone once they step off the handout rain —that isn’t a fault of the person, it’s a fault of the system. A government that makes you dependent on it is not a government that has your best interest at heart.

Republicans (at least historically), have fought for minorities. They brought about the Civil Rights Act of ’64 and are responsible for pushing it through, they are for small businesses to encourage employment in lower class communities and keep money in those areas so it doesn’t trickle back to the CEOs of Walmart or the like. Democrats jerrymandered and then called bulls*t when it backfired.

If I had to choose Republican or Democrat, I would no doubt choose Republican because they are the unsung social heroes that not only fight for minorities domestically, but also abroad. I can’t say Democrats haven’t done any good (of course they’ve done some — there are many Democrats that are well-intentioned), especially with regards to elevating environmental awareness and improving lives of some social conditions (e.g., homosexuals), but the Affordable Care Act is a joke.

Heart to Heart

I just think it’s sad that a few bad words is enough to change your perception. Trump is a great businessman, but being great requires being ruthless to be competitive. It involves doing things you’d probably regret. As a servant, he may not have to be as ruthless. As a man, he’s said and done some lewd and crude things, as a businessman he’s done some legal but immoral/unethical things. I don’t justify any of it. Many of it makes me sick, but when it comes to who would be better at keeping me and my family safe 4–20 years from now, I would choose Trump over Hillary. I don’t trust that my kids would be better under Hillary’s rule.

Hillary has proven she is a poor senator, a horrible State Secretary, and most likely a bad person in general. Whether it’s Benghazi, or emails, or landing under gunfire, or coverups, or always having hot sauce (the list goes on). It’s the conniving side of her that isn’t seen that causes worry. It’s the incompetence of running classified government documents on personal servers that you should be pissed off about. A person that should be in jail should not be a President— I’m in even more fear that she said she would put Bill in charge of many aspects of American lives, including the economy.

This makes me seem like I’m a Donald supporter, which I’m not. Instead, what I hope came across is that (1) liberal media (most of all media) unfairly treats Trump a way that it doesn’t treat Clinton; and (2) Trump would be a better selection than Clinton, if you had to choose one or the other

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