I somehow missed this response before but I was thinking about your other response and I had…

There are ways for standing up for women, which I would much rather refer to as joining women in the fight against impropriety or fight for universal equality.

There are ways to fight for universal equality without coming across as what appeared to be boyish.

My initial post was not directly calling the OP a boy, but did strongly say he sounded like one. I further asked for his credentials to calling himself a man of which he was cancelling. Then I was extremely curious what he thought a man to be, given his description of one.

My focus was very narrow. I also feel the same difference in qualities between man vs boy exist in woman vs girl; therefore, woman and man share a likeness.

Anyhow, I accept your apology and I also apologize because I was agitated the comment chain was not read. Medium does not make it easy to read a conversation thread — it’s like each comment is intended to be an article of itself, which is odd.

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