If women truly wanted equality they would be open to all types of partnerships where two people create and contribute
Women Need to Date Carpenters Like Men Date Yoga Instructors
Heidi K. Isern

There’s equality and there’s equality. Many women like the notion of a traditional life — minding the homestead as husbands go off to work.

You don’t hear much from these women. Most of what is heard is the noise produced by liberal media that continues to be about “equal pay”, despite the data that suggests they are relatively equal, if not unequivocally.

To generalize, liberals tend to feed on the perception of righting social injustice, despite their long history of feeding it. That is, results have been contrary to their intentions (e.g., government housing has done more to keep the poor down then to provide them building blocks to improving their situation), but all that matters is the public perception that they are working for the less fortunate.

The stories and circumstances liberals (esp. media and Hollywood) present have the common attribute of appealing to human emotions. News stories and movies are designed and delivered in such a way that they are bought up by the public. After all, it serves financial interests to create controversies.

War, inequalities of sex/gender/religion/race, abortion, economics, etc; every day there is a new story drawing on your emotions, appealing to your sensibilities or sensitivities. Stirring the pot to foster new organizations, donations, subscriptions, ad revenues, new business/traffic, etc.

Plenty of programs — to name a few, welfare, minimum wage, and education — are examples of great ideas with great premises, to help our fellow man (and thus the system), but each has inherent negative ramifications — segregation, complacency, etc. Oppose these programs for whatever reason and you’re a horrible human being, support them and you’re in the club because you care about your neighbors; there’s a line drawn and your reason matters not.

This isn’t to say conservatives are any different, but their ownership of the media or Hollywood is much much smaller. Conservatives are chastised and ridiculed in the many outlets of TV (networks) in a variety of formats (news, sitcoms, stand-ups, commercials) and papers.

I can’t recall the last time I didn’t see Trump in the paper or “on” SNL (even caricatures) — liberals make so much money pointing fingers (liberals aren’t the only one, again, conservatives do it too, but liberal media controls the majority of traditional media outlets and are making the most noise now).

Bra burners don’t represent the entirety of women, they are only the most visible — like a splinter or paper cut, they get the most attention. By all means respect and consider their opinions, but don’t blindly adopt their stance solely because of the intensity in their voice.