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To anyone that has disliked Trump ever since the campaign trail for saying that some illegal Mexicans were guilty of rape and murder, this is just more fuel for the fire. He’s already guilty in your book so you believe that every action is damning. To everyone else that is sane and decent, facts are still needed to draw conclusions.

This barrage of attacks by the media hasn’t gone unnoticed. Does it mean Trump is innocent? Certainly not — the media plays a vital role to uncover that which is hidden; however, when Trump was painted as a bigoted, racist, homophobe and we find out that he’s actually trying to clean up the streets of Chicago to save black lives, he has homosexual friends and hasn’t made any motion against gay marriage, there is little media coverage or withdrawal of claim by those op-ed columnists.

I would be more inclined to pay attention if there wasn’t such a lop-sided point of view, which as an Independent, seems damning.

And these Leftist liberals that are all shook up about Trump are the same ones that felt good about themselves when they painted Mitt Romney as a sexist for saying “binders full of women.” To be honest, I don’t care about that faux pas, I was more concerned when Harry Reid admitted he lied about Mitt Romney’s tax returns (2 years ago). I was sickened when he said he wasn’t sorry for doing it because he got the outcome he wanted, and what did the media do?…

The media gave Reid so much coverage when he made such accusations, but when the actual truth came out there were only a few articles. There certainly wasn’t the same kind of energy to defame Reid as had been spent to defame Romney — they won and that’s what this is to the media, a game.

So two years later, you have another Republican in the media’s sights. They’re not completely horrible. The media isn’t entirely bad and Trump isn’t perfect, certain stories deserve the coverage. But what we’re seeing is more than certain stories. There’s an overwhelming quantity, where one seems worse than the next, only there hasn’t been any conclusive evidence yet. It’s as if someone is taking fragments of a plot and stringing along this narrative only to push a hype.

Claiming the Trump campaign is guilty before the facts are gathered and having your mind made up before it is certain, will only make you seem like an ass if the truth doesn’t agree with you.

Sure, form your opinions. You’re entitled to them and you may even turn out to be right, but when your opinion turns into a claim, without the requisite amount of evidence, how can you say you’re being objective? How can you say you’re being anything other than emotional?

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