I don’t make birth choices for other people. That is their choice. End of story.
Heather Nann

When their choice to have kids becomes a drain on society, shouldn’t it be other’s choice?

Wait… that’s right, you feel that it’s okay to take from people that have worked hard for their money. Because stealing from people that have invested their time into work, sacrificed time spent with family, sacrificed sleep and other opportunities to make a dollar; stealing from the working class is acceptable in your eyes.

You think it’s your right to take from those people and redistribute it to people that haven’t done the same — because those people have more children?— because their children shouldn’t have to suffer their parents poor situation? Maybe you’re right, the kids shouldn’t suffer, but that’s not societies doing; society shouldn’t have to be penalized for people’s decisions — people should suffer the consequences of their actions and be held accountable.

Not. end. of. story.

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