Still Angry: John Podesta’s First Interview Since the Hacked Election
John Battelle

Yes, they should open the investigation back up. Where should they start? If I were Trump, I would declassify so many documents and stop this Leftist garbage from circulating.

Open this investigation back up and bring in Podesta, Clinton, and Obama. Have them all come back to testify, over and over and over again. I’m sure that’s how they want to spend years — they don’t care that Trump is President, they just want to enjoy all the money that they have made off the country, which has made them rich. I’m sure that’s how you want to spend taxpayer money.

If you don’t know why it’s dangerous to toy with a sitting President, then I can’t wait for it to backfire and bite you in the ass. Some respect needs to be reserved for the Office and the Administration, even if you don’t respect the sitting President.

My Grievances

I started this election process being anti-Clinton/anti-Trump. As a Libertarian (or at least, Independent), I have sought to gain information, review facts, and dismiss ghostly anecdotes — accounts that cannot be substantiated or proven. For this reason, I could not vote for someone that handled classified information so haphazardly and covered it up so connivingly (not to get into Benghazi or Libya); or someone that seemed to care more about themselves than the American people (not to mention rhetoric or demeanor).

As I have uncovered more and more discrepancies, primarily in Leftist media (mostly mainstream media), I have started to uncover a pattern whereby the goal is not to prop up liberal ideals, but to primarily discourage Republican momentum — this distinction of liberals from Leftists is important; much of the time liberal Democrats are logical and balanced, but their Leftist cousins are destructive to democracy.

This anti-Republican-“if not with us, against us”-“win at all cost” mentality has pushed me into defending Trump time and time again, which was originally against my moral intuition. Despite his lies and demeanor, for how much I’ve defended him against the Leftist-machine’s false notions, I might as well be considered a Trump supporter — that saddens me.

I can’t attest to whether Podesta is a good person or if he means well — I don’t care enough to look into it — but his ignorance about how the Left treats Republicans (and Libertarians) and now the President has to stop. Let’s pick our battles for when Trump might have actually done something wrong that would require an impeachment.

Otherwise, good article. It’s nice to see some follow-up in the media, even if I disagreed with resulting content/message.