Stop Youthanizing White Men Who Behave Badly
Ezinne Ukoha

You go on and on about Lochte without portraying the full truth. It’s like you’re fighting to be a racist. Why?

At first I wanted this to be the article of yours I fully supported (aside from the racial callout in the title). It started strong, but if it hinges on a guy that was drunk off his mind, making semi-true statements while drunk, then you’ve got some work to do.

I think you’ve got to enroll in an analytical class, one that explores the fundamentals of objective critiques, and to pause releasing these pieces until you get an A in that class. — I’m trying to come at your work with and an open mind, but these flaws from one article to the next are discrediting you as an author and trust me, it’s hard to build back credibility with the internet acting as a semi-permanent record.

I want to support you, you’re a great writer — much better than myself — but you seem super eager to blame races and hung on casting judgement on 70% truths. I don’t think it’s intentional — I think it’s biased.

Keep trying, maybe the next piece will be the big one that can make me smile.

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