Forget Bitcoin, Our Future is Moneyless
Andrew Chakhoyan

You lost me. An impression is viewing the page. The large businesses convert that to money through advertising. The money comes from paid customers of the advertising business.

It’s not like Facebook generates advertising. Also, it’s not so variable. The underlying company will pay for a fixed amount.

The money is not some imaginary currency as abstract as time. It’s directly linked to a fiat system. How did you go from having a currency backed economy, to a lack of one?

Also, there used to be programs people could run to “watch” advertisements to make money. These were exploiting the advertisement system, but it wasn’t a new concept.

This post is essentially a collection of incomplete thoughts as I go back and understand better. I actually know someone that reduces all his costs to work hours. So if it’s buying cereal or a house, he equates it to how much time he’d have to spend working. I’m surprised we don’t see that kind of integration with personal devices.

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