The U.S. has Gone F&*%ing Mad
James Allworth

Your article is a little misguided. First, you pitted the problem as being either guns or Apple. Why either? Why not something else? Like… the person that didn’t speak up, like parents that weren’t present in their children’s lives or lacked sufficiently teaching their children right from wrong, what about a community that didn’t notice signs of misguidance? Perhaps a community that was more lenient and “forgiving” when it shouldn’t have been, or possibly too strict where it didn’t need to be.

You want this to be anti-guns. The truth is, you’ll never stop complaining. You’ll always be the “voice” under some self-described guise of empathy. You’re only here on this Earth to start arguments because you bought into some leftist doctrine of belief; a prototypical conformist devoid of freethinking.

Something you’ll probably ignore, or won’t care about:

And what weapon has caused more deaths than knives? Automobiles.

You don’t see any argument against knives or automobiles because you don’t see those as deadly devices. In your mind they’re practical objects, things that you use. Because, let’s face it, you’re a bigot. If you use them, they’re fine; even if others are using them to kill. Because you see other uses for them, like cutting your dinner, or driving yourself to work. They have positive practical uses.

Knives and automobiles are enormously more deadly then guns. And even though you don’t use a gun, you should know that others may, even if they don’t fire one. A gun has qualities you overlook because you want to build a case against it. It serves to protect us from the degenerates of our society, it protects us from nature, it also instills confidence and security, in place of fear — I’d like you to live near the ghetto where people are getting mugged in daylight and see how much safer you feel with a gun verses without, even if you never draw it.

And guns don’t just ensure people’s safety today. They are also an insurance item for the future. Because, you know what society is like when the metaphorical shit hits the fan. Or do you need reminding about Katrina? Local law enforcement used their weapons against the public, civilians stole from each other, people were raped and abused. We are one natural disaster; one big hurricane, one grand earthquake, one significant tornado away from disrupting our civilized world. Perhaps you don’t think that’s possible and the Vesuvius scenario will never happen (especially not to us)… sigh

I don’t know the future. All I know is you could have 100 more “mass-killings” and I still wouldn’t be anti-guns. Yes, every time I almost break down and cry for those innocent that have died. Yes, it causes fear if I dwell on it and think how it could happen in my own life. Yes, it could have been me or my daughter, or my lover. But, I understand the tyranny that existed before this government. I understand that governments fall in time, that they are as equally susceptible to corruption as they are to purity. I’ve witnessed military coups in other countries. I know the importance of our right to protect ourselves, that our forefathers understood so much, they made it the 2nd most important point in the Constitution. I understand that nothing is perfect and so should you.

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