First of all, no offense taken…I’m used to your ilk making comments to make yourself feel better…
Claire Renee Kohner

Your weak response is an indictment that you know nothing of me or what it takes to be a man. Perhaps that’s why you cut off your penis? Is all you ever did was watch football, drink beer, and beat your wife?

That’s a sad world that you live in, believing every man is some misogynist brute, stomping around dispersing testosterone everywhere.

  1. It gives me great shame to see a boy wander, not knowing what being a man truly is; that’s a faltering of his parents and surrounding community
  2. To have a superiority complex assumes that I think myself any more superior than anyone else. Perhaps I do, but only with the knowledge of what it takes to be a man over some pestilent kid

I don’t consider myself behaving very manly right now. Part of being a man would be to stand strong and not respond to accusations like these because acting out of emotion rather than logic is not manly. In troubling times where people are actually deliberating what being a man is, I would risk my manliness in order to speak up and combat ignorance