<! — dive content here →
A step-by-step guide to making pure-CSS tooltips
Youssouf El Azizi


I have a lot of respect for multi-linguals — it’s a challenge to speak many tongues.

I’ve highlighted an instance where there is an obvious mistake (three in the same line) in your example. It should:

  • start with “<!--”
  • be spelled “div” not dive
  • end with “-->”

I know you said you went back through and fixed the mistakes, but it’s still there unless I’m looking at a cache’d version.

Honestly, the spelling I have less concern with. I was merely trying to let you know that presentation mistakes lead to distrust. It’s a sign that the content may be wrong.

I am more concerned with:

  1. Lack of data-* prefixes on your custom attributes
  2. Not mentioning the limitations of going CSS only
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