PM Halts Economic announcement at graduation

Bohn Jeckles nursery school graduation got a surprise recently when the PM started to speak to them about the state of the economy. The PM, there to address the students on ABCs and Jesus or in the PM’s words, “post-natal literacy and the Nazerethian pre-apocolyptic prophet,” took time out instead to focus on policy.

“In the year of our Lord two-thousand and 19 minus 1.6 and take .6 and add 1, we are faced by a number of small issues which my calumniators hyperbolize.”

No sooner had he finished his third unnecessary big word, a child asked the PM if he could point the fan in her direction. Unaccustomed to such hostile and honest questions when he speaks, the PM instantly brought his comments to a premature end. Stating,

“It is obvious that the fetid nature of that question was engendered by the opposition.We need to alert the Child Careful Board.”

With that the PM left immediately with his Poultry.