I Got Rejected by Apple Music… So I Redesigned It
Jason Yuan

I really like these changes. Especially the idea of the Sampler, as I am definitely one of those people who doesn’t really bother with the new music mix except maybe to scroll through really quickly. I definitely don’t listen to the whole playlist, if I listen to anything at all. And the idea of double-tapping to “love” something makes a lot of sense. I often forget that “loving” a song is important to getting better accuracy in the “For You” section. My favorite part, however, is the simple change of swiping in the “Now Playing” to move to the next song. That is something I’ve gotten used to with Google Play Music and Groove Music, and it is such a simple motion that I’ve always felt Apple Music was lacking. Overall, I really love the changes you implemented, and wish Apple would reconsider you, or at least borrow some of your ideas.

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