Ways to Raise the Competent Child

You need to be competent if you want to achieve goals in your life. The characteristics of a competent person include ability to stay on track, ability to notice major requirements in given situations, and responding promptly after discovering accurate solution. Although competent people consider feelings and inspirations the fuel to move forward, they rarely get overwhelmed by emotions. So, it is quite easy for them to overcome the obstacles whether from inside or outside.

Adults need to be competent because it’s the competence which helps them to move forward in the professional life. But when we talk about the competence in children, scenarios may get changed but basics remain the same. Child’s competence is the ability of any kid to carry out age-appropriate tasks while dealing with the emotional swings. When the children are able to deal with the situations around them this way, they eventually become emotionally intelligent.

With that said, there are some ways you can raise your child as a competent one.

Encourage DIY approach

Although you may get impatient to run and help your toddler in a specific task, you need to rein your urge to do so. Instead, you can stand by the child while keeping quiet and holding back your helping-hands until it becomes absolutely necessary to intervene. This attitude can help the children to be self-sufficient.

Don’t examine

If you are one of the parents who believe that testing the children can help, you need to refrain from such thinking. For instance, when you ask your child, ”what color is this?”; the child may be able to give you correct answer for the first question. Then you decide to ask about the second color in the same way; then about the third and so on. This is the wrong approach because the child may not be able to answer about a particular color. For you, this process is about teaching the kids about one more color. But, the child would consider it a failure because he would think that he has disappointed you. This is not the feeling you would want your child to have.

Cheer the excitement of child over any achievement rather than evaluating

One of the most dangerous habits in parents is to evaluate the achievement of their children. When children accomplish something, they expect their elder to appreciate. At that stage, if their achievement is evaluated and then compared to something bigger or better, they get disheartened. Such attitude by parents can make the children to avoid trying for new things in the future.

Appreciate the efforts

Children are naïve and immature. Hence, they might not be able to pull off the most simple of tasks. But you need to appreciate their efforts rather than insisting on results. When the children face such response from their adults, they may start avoiding trying new things due to the fear of failure. Hence, they would hate competition due to the fear of getting failed.

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