How To Become A Copywriter (without any experience at all)

Let’s teach you how to become a copywriter from scratch!

STEP 1.) You gotta know WHAT copywriting is at the core:

STEP 2.) Understand WHY people hire copywriters:

  • Ads on TV
  • Ads on the internet
  • Ads on radio
  • Brochures for B2C sales
  • Brochures for B2B sales
  • Brochures for every different product
  • Forms to fill out
  • Forms to fill out for various different product lines
  • Google ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Update their Twitter
  • Update their Facebook page
  • Make content for their website
  • Make the content for their website about each different product
  • Make sure their content is converting
  • Make sure customers understand how to signup
  • Send customers packets explaining their policy
  • Have scripts for their sales people to follow
  • Have scripts for their customer support people to follow
  • Write press releases
  • The list goes on and on and on and on…

Step 3.) Learning to Get Clients As a Freelance Copywriter:

Getting Clients #1.) Becoming popular for doing something OTHER than copywriting

Getting Clients #2.) Becoming popular in a specific niche

Getting Clients #3.) Becoming popular for big companies

Getting Clients #4.) Get small-time gigs.

  • Posting on Fiverr for copywriting gigs.
    You’ll definitely get some leads this way, but your clients will usually be bargain-hunters and not HUGE jobs.
  • Posting on Craigslist as a copywriter for hire.
    This will generally result in corporate copywriter jobs that are relatively low-paying ($35,000 — $45,000).
  • Posting on UpWork as a copywriter for hire.
    This will get you small to medium gigs. It’s not my favorite way of getting business, but it can get the ball rolling.

Getting Clients #5.) Post in Facebook Groups where people can use copywriting services.

Step #4.) Make a Simple Copywriting Portfolio!

  • Your name.
  • Your expertise (Social Media? Landing Pages? A/B Testing?).
  • A few examples of your work.
  • How they can book a session with you.
A basic copywriting portfolio made right from a Google Doc.

Step #5.) Some Copywriting Books for you to read:

  • Read the copywriting books I recommended above.
  • Making a simple copywriting portfolio.
  • Put yourself out there.




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