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How Selecting Right Marketing Channels Can Keep You Out of Trouble

In this modern time — a Digital Marketing Strategy is the necessity for the businesses. It is important that your business establish and maintain a strong online presence to be competitive to reach out to your target audience. For this purpose, Digital Marketing is used nowadays. Digital Marketing is the marketing done with the help of electronic media. It is the booming industry with great results and it will remain as the most powerful way of marketing in the future too.

Behind every business looking for marketing, there are some goals to be achieved. One must have at least a little knowledge of digital marketing so that it is easier to select the right digital marketing channel for marketing the business. Very common marketing goals include an increase in website traffic, brand awareness, an increase in sales and lead generation.

Let me suggest few of them which can be a source to accomplish such goals.

“Email is easy…if you want it to be. Simplify before you get complicated.”

As this says, Email Marketing is one of the easiest channel that can be used for marketing but only if understood properly. Email Marketing is a process in which electronic mail is used as the marketing communication delivery method. The companies use it to gain new customers, build loyalty with clients and prospects, providing promotional offers and much more. Email Marketing is beneficial as it is easier to track and it lets you reach the targeted audience and its effects can be measured.

Per an article, Evans Cycles is a cycle retailer who achieved a great success by email marketing. At the time of Tour de France, they sent an email to their subscribers before it started, which encouraged them to support British Sky team. The content also focused on the discounts for the clothing range and an invitation to the bike launch event.


“Good content isn’t about good storytelling. It’s about telling a true story well.”

Content marketing is not only about what unique content you present but how you present it. It is a marketing channel that consists creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to gain new customers and drive profitable actions from customers. There are many ways of content marketing such as Infographics, Podcasts, Webpages, Newsletters, and Blogs. It’s a beneficial medium for creating better relationships with the audience by providing the content which is relevant to them in a great packaging.

According to an article in Single Grain, Marriott is a hotel that used content marketing to build its brand. They created a new global creative studio, which publishes a variety of entertaining content pieces related to travel industry for 18 travel related brands. This made them ‘world’s largest producer of travel-related content’.


“Social Media replaces nothing but compliments everything.”

Always be a brand that has a personality. Social media helps to compliment your static website through your dynamic content. Marketing through social media mentions the process of gaining traffic using social media tools. It aims to be present where the audience is, as the number of social media users keeps on increasing and hence increase the chances of success for the business. Social media tools like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. can be used for marketing.

Air Asia, early airlines in Australia got a great achievement by advertising on Facebook. When Air Asia was just an airline from Malaysia, and desiring to launch a new airline from Australia, they were amongst the airlines which hardly anybody was aware of. Also, they had a very small budget of marketing. Then the marketing team thought to run a Facebook marketing campaign. They launched it with a few offers and thus, Air Asia turned into a brand that was known to everybody.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art of making your website visible on search engines and all the methods that entail. SEO techniques are used to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a higher ranking in the search engine results.

It involves certain activities such as making use of both on-page and off page optimisation and other related activities.

A Sydney based Australian company named Airtasker which provides the facility for outsourcing all kind of tasks to the Australian market, achieved a great success and accomplished all their goals using link building strategy which is a part of SEO.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to a type of Internet marketing that relies on various advertising tactics to boost website ranking in paid search engine results. It can deliver a sudden growth in the targeted traffic of potential customers.

According to an article on dynamic business, an Australian green car share company named Flexicar increased its business by 400 percent with the help of Google AdWords. They created a campaign with multiple keywords and ads; thus, achieved their goal.

Hence, selection of a digital marketing channel is an important aspect. But a single mistake in choosing the channel can create a great trouble like negative impact in ranking, the wrong impression on the audience. So, choose wisely!