• In the last week of March, Reserve was the #1 most downloaded finance app in Venezuela, and surpassed 100,000 total downloads.
  • We’re also seeing increased app usage in Argentina and Colombia, and we have plans in the works to improve our service and growth rates in each of those countries in the near future.
  • There are now 1,102 merchants officially accepting Reserve with more doing so informally, and we’ve hired a new BD manager who is fully dedicated to onboarding more every day.
  • The Spanish-speaking Reserve community is growing faster than the English-speaking community at this point. …

Consider two types of ambitious people:

  1. People who want power and leadership only for the sake of enhancing their own lives
  2. People who want power and leadership in order to advance some societal objective beyond their own personal experience

Both types will claim to be number two. When we talk about “the authentic ones,” we’re talking about the ones that actually are number two.

If you’re one of the authentic ones, we want to talk to you.

Of course, it’s not as simple as this dichotomy. Take me for example.

I want to reduce the negative impacts of hyperinflation. Hyperinflation…

We intend for 2021 to be a year of significant growth in Reserve app usage. We don’t know how fast we can grow yet, but our eventual target over the next few years in Venezuela and Argentina is to reach about 10 million people using Reserve regularly in each country. I personally believe we are on the verge of seeing whole segments of populations using crypto dollars as their main savings and spending account, and I think RSV could lead this trend. If our model works at scale, then Venezuela and Argentina will just be the beginning.

In order to…

Reserve es un proyecto pensado para un gran reto. Queremos reconstruir los servicios financieros de sociedades traumadas por décadas de alta inflación y destrucción de riqueza, de modo que tengan raíces firmes en el suelo correcto: el ahorro y la inversión, en lugar de los depósitos de los Estados o de los grandes capitales exclusivamente.

Para lograr nuestra visión, se requiere más que una herramienta tecnológica capaz de garantizar el valor del dinero y la libertad para usarlo. Es indispensable crear un entorno de confianza.

Nos hemos propuesto lograr esto desarrollando nuestro servicio con transparencia y siempre abiertos a la…

Por: Sin nombre, Director de Reserve LATAM, y Nevin Freeman, CEO

Primero, somos humanos y, luego, un producto financiero.

La hiperinflación genera crisis humanitarias como las vistas en el continente latinoamericano con Venezuela. Si queremos construir un producto que logre proteger a las personas de sus consecuencias, debemos primero ser capaces de comunicarnos y entender sus ansiedades y sus preocupaciones.

Las personas que viven bajo estas condiciones prácticamente han sido abusadas por el mal manejo de la economía y tienen grandes traumas. Si queremos llegar a ellos, debemos ir más allá de la tecnología y las estadísticas. …

Por: Sin nombre, Director de Reserve LATAM, y Nevin Freeman, CEO

Vivir en hiperinflación cambia a las personas. De hecho, la hiperinflación puede considerarse un asunto psicológico, porque su condición fundamental es que las personas pierden la confianza y rechazan la moneda local. Esta es la consecuencia lógica de la inestabilidad y la certeza de que el resultado económico de cualquier esfuerzo, por grande que sea, se esfumará en cuestión de días.

Reserve se ha propuesto seriamente desarrollar un sistema capaz de promover una mayor estabilidad monetaria. Nuestro proyecto dará acceso a herramientas con las que las personas amenazadas por…

The time has come for us to begin building liquidity for RSV and RSR on crypto exchanges!

There are several significant exchanges that may decide to list us. In order to provide liquidity on additional RSR trading pairs on new exchanges, we are going to be making a withdrawal of 2.5% of the total RSR supply (2.5B tokens) from the project’s treasury — the “slow wallet” contract — in about four weeks from the time of this post.

Update: You can now see the transaction for the withdrawal:

Hey everyone, I want to update you all on where we’re at in our development roadmap. Below I’m going to go into more depth on our philosophy when it comes to marketing, the Reserve app, and RSV v1. But first, I’m happy to announce the following:

  • ✅ The Reserve App is now available for download in Venezuela.
  • ✅ RSV version 1 has been operating in the background, and version 2 is about to enter a code audit and will be publicly available soon (this will be covered in a separate update next week).

Today we’re excited to share an update on the Reserve Roadmap with our community. The TL;DR is:

  1. Our app is on schedule for Q3 release as planned.
  2. We have decided to launch RSV earlier than planned! We will be making RSV available to users of our app instead of RSD. RSD is technologically finished and will still be used as a collateral token, but will be made public after RSV.
  3. As described on the last page of our whitepaper, the RSV launch process will start with centralized operation and become automated and decentralized over time.

Read on for more details!

Is it time to sell your BTC and invest in Facebook’s new Libra cryptocurrency? Facebook has a pretty huge user-base, so it seems almost irrelevant what Libra will be or how it will work, people might just have to use it. Like Telegram’s Gram token, who cares about the tech when you have the users?

But there’s already been government resistance to Libra, and Facebook is obviously not the most popular data warehouse, so perhaps you’re thinking it’s a tough call whether to go all-in or wait it out. Unfortunately it doesn’t matter, because unless you have $10 million and…

Nevin Freeman

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