Quick narrative generator

Activity 2

This builds on last weeks warm up and introduces the concept of sequences and narrative. To start, fold the sheet into six panels.

  1. Write a mixture of 6 nouns and verbs on the board. We used words such as team, conversation, and experiment because I wanted to shift this activity towards a certain direction.
  2. Quickly sketch out one word per panel using the same process as last week. Each person should randomise the order that they are sketched so everyone has a different sequence.
  3. Taking the order that the series was drawn, construct a narrative out of each drawing, writing a half sentence in each panel. You might find that it’s a bit tricky constructing a meaningful narrative, instead of just a series of events. Welcome to the world of narrative arcs!
  4. Everyone takes turns talking through their improvised story.
The purpose is to gain a brief understanding of narrative steps. Each sequence of images will require some narrative pareidolia to get to a story.

Next week we play with this idea bit more into a narrative broken telephone.

Last week we started off with drawing nouns and applying higher level meaning to those sketches

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