Your inner vision for living

Enjoyment and fulfillment are fundamental goals, the kind that drive your life.

Commitment, recognition there are more.

Know your inner goals for life, they are your vision for living.

The path from Zero to One

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A few years ago I joined a small 4-person startup to help with marketing and selling their product. The team was amazing, highly skilled coming from top product and R&D positions in very successful companies. But the product didn’t sell and they wanted someone who could “explain it to the market”.

I tried, and after eight months of learning by failing, meeting dozens of potential customers only to find out why they were not interested, we found the right way to position our product, made the necessary product and messaging changes and started selling.

It’s not an uncommon situation. Many startups find themselves lost after their “If you build it they will come” approach to the market failed. …

A friend, who probably heard the term product-market fit too many times without fully getting it, asked me what book to read. I immediately replied with “The Lean Startup”. The first time I read it, I actually stopped halfway, feeling hammered, but it’s call for testing and iterating as a key to finding product-market fit proved to be the real deal when I tried it.

First, let’s give this buzz term a simple definition: finding product-market fit simply means you’ve found enough proof that you’ve built something people really want. …


Nevo Peretz

Product market fit specialist

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