A good driver always complies with the road safety rules

Safety First

Cars of the newer world are coupled with the best of technology to guarantee greater ease and comfort of driving, lessening the chances of accidents to occur. But it should not be forgotten that driving itself is a manual task which always carries the possibility of errors and misjudgment, ultimately resulting into accidents of greater or smaller magnitude. To hinder the chances of such manual errors several effective tips for driving are necessary which ensures better understanding of the car’s functionality and road sense.

Proper training from recognized driving school come in handy to avoid the necessary chances of human error. Also, ignorance towards safety driving techniques often lead to minor or major fatalities, again the driving school coaching aligns a person with the necessary precautions which should be relatively adapted.

What do the driving schools teach basically?



The first teaching which the driving school’s instructor a person of, is to keep the concentration upon the road. A driver can effectively maintain command on the vehicle which he/she drives but can never have control over his/her surroundings. To reduce the chances of falling prey to others’ mistakes on the road, concentration is the key factor which is helpful in safer road trips.

b.In-Vehicle Rules

vehicle Rules

These are the basic rules which a driving school teaches a novice. To comply with these rules and to make other occupants of the vehicle to do the same is what a novice learns from the schools. Wearing a seat belt, putting on the correct lights while driving and proper hand braking are few of such practices which driving schools initially teach.



Keeping road-vigilance is the key quality which a good driver always possesses. To understand the behavior of the preceding and following vehicles is one of the most important tactics of a good driver. Making learners learn the factors of keeping safe distances from other vehicles and also situational responses are what a driving school teaches relevant drivers.

d.Signaling and Obedience

Signaling and Obedience

Another most important teaching is to understand the responses to road signals and being obedient enough to comply with the same. Not aligning with the same can cause minor or even major accidents and can finally result in fines and other penalties. Bluntly speaking, to cope up with the amount of increasing number of vehicles and accidents, complying with the basic signaling is what keeps a good driver from experiencing any road accidents.

As mentioned earlier, behavior of the driver is directly related to the behavior of the vehicle. But in addition to this, the vigilance of understanding the road and the behavior of other vehicles is what is truly necessary to become a good driver.