but no one seems to have come up with a real solution yet, just lotsa new and different ‘finger-pointing’.
I kinda get what you’re saying, “Divide and Conquer” has been the “Game”, and no question, Dems …
Mateo D

As well as lots of people pointing out to others how they haven’t come up with a solution yet… ;)

I guess I can’t criticize since I have no solutions myself, and it’s good to point out that none of these think pieces offer any sort of tangible solution either in hopes of seeing more of an effort toward that actual goal. But I can only say that these pieces -even if they involve finger pointing- are at least a form of open discussion and an exchanging of views and ideas. And if a solution is to eventually be realized, it will be as a result of such discussions and conversations, not in spite of them.

So there is much value to pieces like this one, because the alternative (keeping quiet and closing all discussion) has proven time and time again to rarely ever produce any sort of solution to any complex social issues. Just food for thought

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