30TH JULY 2015

I drink coffee. A lot. And I don’t feel bad about it. My daily job is almost entirely devoted to coffee, so this number of drunk beverages is quite large. But most of all, I don’t drink coffee because I have to, caffeine is not my goal (if you drink it often, it doesn’t work anyway). When I had the chance to learn about this subject of specialty I almost immediately turned myself up to a whole new experience. It was like a hit of knowledge that made my everyday tasks deeper and more responsible. I’ve never knew that something so simple can be so complex.

After couple of years I’m still learning this complexity and it’s one of the things in my life that I know so much about. It contains something different and unique because you can enjoy something so badly and at the same time give a lot of yourself to others. That brings the trust and I like to be trusted. To be seen as a professional is a great reward for me as I tend to focus on the problems that no one thinks about or have time to solve.

It’s a tremendous thing to be reliable but I don’t necessarily mean that it was created by knowledge only. I’ve seen so many people who can tell that they do everything to make something better but they constantly talk like they are something more than others. It’s like they became so selfish in their joy that they almost totally forgot about the ones who actually buy their products. They sometimes act as a kid who get a new toy which no one has and they come to a playground with that childish arrogance of being better.

And I think that toys were meant to create joy. Joy of social interaction with another human being. We don’t teach ourselves anymore that everything has a value at a time where there’s someone to join us. That our work matters when it changes something, not only in our lives but in a day of the others. Simple to say but remind yourself about the last time you felt that little amount of joy. Was it really so hard to make?