Tech Boundaries

There was a time when you had to sit in your living room if you wanted to watch television. You couldn’t take your music with you, unless you were willing to disrupt your peers. Computer work was done solely at a desk. Fast forward to 2015 and you can watch tv while on the train, listen to music as you click-clack away on your MacBook Air, and so forth. The boundaries created by weight, size, and cords have disappeared.

Media consumption is at an all time high and seems to be increasing with each coming month. It’s a beautiful thing, unimaginable by those who lived before us. Though, this access blurs the lines in our lives. In some cases it even hurts our life, our relationships, etcetera. We should set some boundaries, continue to embrace this beautiful time but structure it better. Below are some ideas on how to do so.

1. Your bed is for sleep, not work.
We all do it, we lay in bed with our iPad or laptop and work. That glowing screen and the fact that you’re using your bed as an office contribute to poor sleep. Which gets worse when it becomes a habitual part of your life. Take your work to a desk, not your bed. You won’t regret it.

2. Movies are better when your aren’t alone.
Instead of watching a movie all by yourself on some tablet or phone, make it an experience! Gather some friends and go to a cinema, or have a get together at home. Viewing a film by yourself makes it less enjoyable, the funny isn’t as funny and the suspense isn’t very suspenseful. Everyone’s collective energy makes a film ten times better.

3. Look further ahead.
Literally though, look beyond your screens. Not only do you miss a beautiful world which goes on while you’re looking down but you also hurt your eyes. LCD screens, small text, all close to your face is a detriment. A future of poor vision will plague us. Our eyes aren’t supposed to gaze into bright screens, there supposed to be looking out to the horizon — In search of predators, food, and fellow people. Put your device down and go exercise your eyes.