Forget the Capsule Wardrobe

Minimalist blogs like pushing the capsule wardrobe because its “minimal”. Is it? Or is it an illusion? So what exactly is a capsule wardrobe?

“In the 1970s, London boutique owner Susie Faux coined the term “capsule wardrobe” to describe a minimal wardrobe composed of 30 to 40 high-quality, versatile items that will meet your needs for a given time amount of time.”
— Kathleen Elkins Business Insider

For the most part capsule wardrobes are written about consisting of 30 items of clothing and the most common time frames are seasons. There are 4 seasons, so thats 120 articles of clothing. Or to simplify it down as much as possible that would be 60–80 articles of clothing if you were to have a capsule for cold seasons and a capsule for warm seasons. Compared to the huge walk in closets that Americans dream of, 80 pieces of clothing is a step in the right direction. How minimal is that though? having at least 2 capsules means twice a year you have to go get that big plastic container out of where ever you store it. that takes time out of your day. Then you probably need to wash all those clothes because they’ve sat in a sealed container for 6 months and have developed a weird smell. Then don’t forget at the end of those 6 months you have to pack that crap back up and put it away. In the end, it seems like a lot of time wasted on material possessions.

The Real Solution
Just have a single minimalist wardrobe. enough clothes to last a full week. you do laundry once a week and you’re good. This is possible even if you live in areas with actual seasons, unlike southern California. 
3–5 pairs of pants for when its cold and 3–5 pairs of bottoms for warm weather. thats 6–10 bottoms. 
No need to go Steve Jobs on everyones ass and wear the same black turtleneck sweater every day of your life. You can mix things up. But still you don’t need as many shirts as you think. If you spend most of your time at work, make sure most of those shirts pertain to that. Instead let’s be like Mark Zuckerberg and have a couple t-shirts. 7 to be safe. 
Under garments
We don’t need enough socks to occupy an entire drawer. Enough for a week. 6 pairs. 6 pairs for everything.
What you need for cold weather is something thin and waterproof for wet weather, and something warm for cold weather. Layer the two when its cold and wet. If you own anything thats neither cold nor warm, get rid of it. It’s useless. Thats 2 winter items.
This is where people get hung up, for whatever reason, people really like shoes. At the most you only really NEED 3 pairs. Casual shoes, semi formal shoes, and winter shoes. 
Accessories shall include watches, rings, jewelry, over-ear headphones, etc. Keep the things that have meaning. If you have a ring from a relative, keep it. If you got it on sale at Nordstrom, get rid of it. 5 accessories.

There, you have a total of 35–45 articles of clothing. Thats definitely minimal. But still functional.