What’s the purpose?

It’s early days, but I’m excited to announce I’m embarking on a new startup, Peeka, a smart camera for kids.

I have spent some months researching and testing this idea, speaking to potential customers and getting a technical Cofounder on board. We are actively raising a seed round of funding at this stage to hit the ‘GO’ button on a cycle of rapid prototyping, testing and iterating.


At the heart of a great business there needs to be a clear purpose. The purpose drives everything; brand, product, service, story, team, design, experience and innovation. Purpose gives direction and helps in being consistent. With Peeka we have a clear purpose ‘to inspire the next generation of photographers’. We’re interested in creative learning and visual literacy. We’re excited about creating a camera that inspires, teaches and helps children grow artistically.

This startup is very personal as it’s inspired by hanging out with my 4 year old and her amazing friends. It’s also about the unstoppable creative child inside my own adult body. Tapping into that creativity and creating a tool to make it flourish underpins Peeka.

However, purpose is just one piece of the puzzle in winning. As any startup founder will know, winning is hard, for every winner in a market there are a whole lot of losers, that are not mentioned or talked about. Having a purpose answers why Peeka exists and let’s us share our beliefs over and over again, but we have lots of other pieces of the puzzle to figure out in order to win the market. I’m looking forward to sharing that journey as it unfolds.

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