Interview with New Adult: Hash T.S.

New Adult:How did you get engaged?

Hash T.S: It’s more recently that I’ve been more active and vocal, but I’ve been engaged at least partially because of my father who (I’m not entirely sure but I’m like 99%) was a closeted socialist.

We had a rough time getting along sometimes but he’s the one who taught me that everyone has the right to live, class differentiation, even pushed me into reading more radical lit. Eventually I had a falling out with my family and I left home, traveled around the South, sometimes on foot sometimes by bus, saw really intense segregation, racism, and classism.

The police were on a witch hunt for the drug war, marijuana is usually a big felony over there. I bailed again, came back to California, started working any job I could from recycling yards, to landscaping, to tile setting, to roofing, and even a bit of plumbing.

Unfortunately most of my bosses were heavily Christian conservative that were the type to fire you for mentioning the word union. But I met a few workers that were just like me; alienated from the conservative attitude and down to trade commie lit. They all felt just hated and shamed by their bosses. I had been frustrated by my sexuality and my gender at the time as well.

There were just a lot of things leading up to full blown radicalism. Even this past year in our history has shaped that. I used to be so pessimistic, I felt like there’s nothing you can do about anything that’s going, but then I realized that I’d rather fight and keep my dignity, then be a wage slave. So I fell out of working.

I still do it on occasion but I’ve been getting really involved with my local scenes AntiFa/Anarcho/Communist groups, musicians and artists. I make due but I like to give my art, music, and DIY flags/banners/shirts out for free because I think they should have it for free.

My girl and I like to slow cook a big pot of something hearty but healthy, then share bowls with people inside our complex and those without homes on the street. Mutual Aid is our best bet at survival.

We must do our part. And that’s mainly why I remained engaged, I have friends on the street, I see them everyday. I refuse to ignore them. We experience and see poverty shaming on a daily basis.

New Adult: The next question is pretty sweeping, but so was the first and it seemed to work, but what’s your sense of the current state of the “AntiFa/Anarcho/Communist” scene in the places you’ve been? I’m especially interested in the way it’s changing, and what direction those changes seem to be going in?

Hash T.S: Oh my it’s getting intense. A lot more people in my area are experiencing their own political evolution whether for the good or bad. But it seems that the radical movements I am witnessing in the areas I’ve lived, are growing.

This upcoming election, the politicians, the cops, the pipeline, a lot of them felt completely disenfranchised from their original superficial political parties or beliefs.

If I may even be so bold, I believe we are living in very revolutionary times, the American Propaganda machine has exposed itself by desperation to those sharp enough to catch it, they know a lot of us our angry so they play their same old game, dividing and conquering through fear. But the obvious overload of phony, miswritten articles or news pieces put out in that game has sort of shown to people who were unsure, that there’s something wrong.

The Kratom ban is a good example of public backlash against news outlets calling it a “synthetic heroin”. There’s a ton of people calling out the DEA in mass. That right there is a segway into radical politics itself (plenty of dems/cons being radicalised to some extent because of that). And it’s not the only one. My point is It may not be quick but there is definitely class consciousness brewing in the masses.

To some of us, its starting to feel even more Dystopic and More threatening to stand idle. When we can actually give the impression even on just the street, that for every act of police brutality, gentrification, hate crime, fascism, that capitalism breeds that we will be there and we will keep coming. To anyone I recommend joining your local Antifa, learn marshalling (I think IWW has a good guide), and get educated on all of the above.

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