You Can’t Make Fun of A Clown

This is a true story about a collective that tried to pitch an ultralowbudget sock puppet miniseries about the election of Varnold Frusk. There would be fifteen one to five minute long episodes taking the viewer behind the scenes of the FRUSK campaign as they rise to ultimate power and then destroy the world: An allegory to scare people to do what they can to stop moronic thugs from getting ultimate power aimed at sad left-liberals confused about what’s going on with their countries and filmed with increasingly demented sock puppets in front of backgrounds that resemble, roughly, 90s cartoons seen in the light of an increasingly bizarre and depressing adulthood. The music is just different underground soundcloud artists performing covers of Tiffany Trump’s Like A Bird (feat Sprite & Logic.)

Varnold Frusk was a purple sock with bad spray tan in a funny suit with an orange wig made out of pubic hair and blue horns with a green mouth, his children were BUMBUS, JUNIOR and beloved daughter AGGLE, a a plaid sock with long blond hair, blue horns and very very large eyes that stare intently in one direction. The powerful exiled advisor working with a foreign dictator was VERNEST TERTAGON, a bright pink sock who wore a cape over a conservative navy suit and has obsidian horns.

In the first epiode, Varnold asks his daughter Aggle for weight-loss recommendation. Aggle launches into product pitch for her new self-urine drinking weight loss miracle. Varnold and Aggle spin ideas for celebrity piss branding, and in later episodes Bumbus confessed to group sex, the piss concept takes off, Tertagoned threatened the life of Aggle’s husband and Varl’s beloved son-in-law, DORBLE HASH, a smooth skinned sock with the face of Jared Kuschner on it with all of Kushner corp’s holdings on top of that. It all ended with Varnold’s wife Voachella telling him a bedtime story that starts off as the plagiarized story of Field of Dreams morphs into Shawkshank Redemption and ends off with a story about what fascism really means.

The collective sent the script to an anti-trump political action committee; the PAC asked if they wanted to produce it, or have it produced, the collective said they wanted to do it, the PAC asked for a sample of the puppets, having no money and being in divergent states, the collective could not do this. The PAC offered to “possible get a studio to make it” but they would need to create a sample script. They wrote a sample pilot episode but it wasn’t funny and they talked about it together and realized that they could never be funnier than Trump itself, you can’t make fun of a clown, but the sockpuppet medium would be useful for future historical work.

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