I want to write the how-to I couldn’t find, in video or otherwise. All of this was much easier than I thought, and I was bummed to have put it off for so long.

I only needed the phillips (+) screwdriver for this Hays luggage.

I will start with the first stage of disassembly: removal of the handle from the telescoping arms. There are two screws on the side. The handle comes off, and the underside will have a few other screws. This allows the handle to come into two pieces.

After removing the handle, the telescoping arms were easy enough to debug. …

In the hiring and matchmaking process, Intellectual Property (IP) Agreements are an often overlooked matter. Many times this is because the candidate brings with them no separable body of IP. The need to consider IP promptly ends there. That is not always the case, though, and here we will make some consideration for the surrounding factors.

I have read many IP agreements in my career. I have started companies in software, decor/luxury goods, and manufacturing. I have written patents in each of those areas, as well. …

This was the most unexpected find at a recent kbd meetup: the Model F Keyboard.

Joe Strandberg (Ellipse) has been researching the switches in IBM’s model-M keyboard. The patent for those switches recently expired. He makes lots of claims about those keys being the originator of the cherry MX clicky switch. L’chaim

shameless re-pin-erized from the same patent that Popular Science took it from

What I noticed about the boards is not in his videos.

The sound is subtly different, IRL. The buckling of the spring makes a high-pitched ‘ting’ sound that is maybe describable as “metallic rain.” What arrested me about it was the distinctly rain-like sound of the switch operating……

Mechanical keyboard enthusiasts have sprung a DIY trend in keyboard hacking. It could evolve the input device we often overlook.

Many great overviews exist about all of the facets you can customize. If you feel unfamiliar, you might enjoy this article more after the jump to a good guide.

The keyboard maker WASD is innovating a new keyboard (the Das 5Q, on Kickstarter) where you can control the per-key backlight colors, via input from could services. Imagine your IFTTT or zapier feed causing certain key backlights to flash when some events are occurring. …

One of the common things that I find missing in most implementations of machine learning is a presentation on how The algorithms working, and how it has reached its results.

I think much of research and advancement of technology has come through huge trial and error being reducible into principles and simple techniques — often things that only came after great effort to see the big picture. Weatherby thought that out through years of pencil and paper notebooks, or thousands upon thousands of CPU hours, I think the essential mechanism has been the same.

Now a new wave of computational…

The recent work by Radin, Lund, Emoto & Kizu [1] performs a well-blinded study on the effects of distance intention upon water crystallization, with positive quantitative effects expected by the prior art. Their work shows the relative amounts of beautiful water crystallization in three water samples: those that were treated with distance intention (IT), a control group of those that were not the focus of distance intention (DC), and a secondary control group that were physically proximal to those receiving distance intention (PC). An important component to the analysis presented here lies in distinguishing the PC waters from the IT…

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A proverb is much matter distilled into few words.

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