The hope to be objective

I have many fears about my writing, one of my fears is that I will mis-present information in a way that may blunt people’s interest due to their beliefs.

In ‘An Introduction to Philosophy’, Bertrand Russel states:
It is a painful thing to feel quite helpless in the face of plausible reasonings which may threaten to rob us of our most cherished hopes, or may tend to persuade us of the vanity of what we have been accustomed to regard as of highest worth.

He has a strong point, and this is something I am actively a little worried about. If you read my work here, please bear in mind that the information will always present less than the whole picture.

This being said, I would hope that every individual is able to question themselves in their own time and way, as to refuse to consider will actively hinder the gain of wisdom. The trait of being able to challenge one’s own expertise in the self is commonly referred to as humility, the trait of being humble.

Philosophy of the self can be a naturally combative domain of information as it speaks to our innermost beliefs and desires.