Learn to talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime with TalkFlow

Bruce Lee emphasized flow and rhythm over punches and kicks. Michael Jordan saw the whole court because he read the “flow” of things. Surfers read the flow of the waves to catch the perfect one. It’s the same with talking. What comes out of your mouth is just a jumble unless you find the “flow”.

Too many people lose their audience and attention because they’re so focused on their performance instead of the reaction receptors of the crowd. In public speaking, social, relationships, once you are able to read the flow of the conversation, you are leading the dance.

TalkFlow is the result of years of studying thousands of immigrants as an educator, and seeing how individuals who didn’t even know English, could succeed at communication, and it had to do with being exceptional at flowing, integrating mind- body- spirit to get their point across, and accommodating the signals their audience gave them. TalkFlow is dancing with words, and it’s easier than you think.

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