Tiger Mom; Finding the people to support your dream

Robin Kellogg, Tiger Mom expert and bestselling author on how to team build to support your Dreams

It is popular to be the individual, “pull up by your bootstraps”, “every man is an island”.

But Asians know the effort is shared by all. It takes a community and community is propared to prop the individual.

Robin Kellog, the preeminent Tiger Mom expert who’s written the popular book, A LIFE PUT ON HOLD, based on principles of team building that helped her through her child’s major illness, is also the foundation of success in all cultures.

  1. Find your Tiger Mom; the person who will catch you when you fall, pick you up and drag you to the finish line. Where are they? Everywhere. But like dating, you have to fish and keep your catch and toss out the waste.
  2. Find your “Demanding Dad”; the person who “expects” things from you, not tells you you’re great, but deflates your ego to positive benefit. The people who hold you to higher standards are only found if you check your ego at the door.
  3. Find your “Grouchy Grannies”; the people who have the experience and expertise, and will not tolerate your excuses. The people who are so brutally honest, they’ll turn your cheeks red, but also have recommendations based on their experience, that are 110% helpful.
  4. Find your role models; the people who exemplify the only questions that matter to ask yourself; “what do I really want and why?” These are the people you want to be and if you are fortunate enough to know them, pick their minds at every turn until their wisdom becomes ingrained in you.