Communication Bushido!

An Asian actor who’s “made it” in Hollywood against all odds, can teach you how to market yourself with the power of mind- body communication

Brian Kamei, Hollywood Asian- American Success Story

Brian Kamei could have become a doctor or lawyer, like his parents wanted, but he took a different road. He decided to become an actor even though…

he had no connections

he had no money

he had 2 kids

and he had no experience

How he went on to win credits on Glee, AHS, Hawaii Five- O, and numerous national commercials, is the result of “Communication Bushido”;

  1. Breath- aka the actor’s “tool”. Proper breathing from shallow to mid to deep enhances pace, balance, projection and “chi” (life energy).
  2. Move- expend excess physical energy so to establish link to mind. MMA (major movement awareness) is best.
  3. Work from emotion first- Through MMA expend all excess emotion so to get to core of intent.
  4. Location- find the space that is private, all yours, where you can practice freely. No distractions.
  5. Write- use elegant pen that fits your hand and good stationery.
  6. Bonsai- prune away all fat of distractions and get down to 1 minute elevator pitch of what you want to say. Then trim it to 30 seconds.
  7. Perform- practice your words in front of mirror, pacing, doing MMA, martial arts- yoga based, until you internalize.
  8. Walking meditation- contemplate “flow” of words rather than memorize and connect with your movements.
  9. Shout it- find the place in nature where you can project to full volume. Find variation and tone of voice.
  10. Consistency- perform to group and review words; revise what works; repeat till it feels natural. Focus on attitude, not memorization.

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