Had it, lost it, got MORE

My evolution to Food, Fun, and Freedom

Lost everything in divorce, downsizing, and debt- 6 figure income, 5 bedroom picket fence life- gone. I had to go back to my Montana, Asian- immigrant, farm in a small town roots to get back on my feet. Here’s some of what I did;

  1. Small town values, big city dreams- My mind had expanded with a lot of “clutter” and there wasn’t room for the truly important stuff. I went deep into “moving meditation”, getting out in nature like we did on the farm, and it started “draining out” the distractions and filling up the “value”.
  2. Cowboy Bushido- The cowboys and ranchers I knew were hard men who were comfortable with physical activity. I got myself in a martial arts class and started “roughing myself up” a bit, and past the pain and suffering, the “afterburn” of major movemement awareness was REALLY fantastic!
  3. The Law of kimchi- Had the good fortune to have a medicine woman come into my life and she totally rocked my world. I’d gotten into boring, bland routine, and by doing things that were dis- settling, like spending money and traveling, found a newfound enthusiasm for adventure.
  4. Montana State of Mind- what I found out about Montana was the great amount of storytellers and writers it bred. The land just inspires, and so started to write as was my heritage, but not just write but write to express the “art” of my life, and made connection to greater meaning and purpose.
  5. Small spurts superior to marathon- small bits of focus and clarity over the day were better than long, endurance challenges. Learned to concentrate in 15 minute “spurts”.
  6. Han (joy in all things)- all work- no play is like sushi without rice. Had to CONSCIOUSLY contemplate “joy” back into my life; and as I did, realized, everything is not linear, beginning to end, but circular, and it all comes back into itself, or yourself, “ashes to ashes” and what we do in between.

These are what began my journey back to some semblance of life. Now I teach others how to achieve their Bushido.

Finding “it” is the purpose of your life. I’ll teach you how to get that abundance that gives your life meaning.

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