An apology to all milennials who got a bad rap

I found myself becoming

That old complaining guy

The one who’s always saying

“the good old days gone by

“Things were better way back when

When we were young and slick

Unwashed, smelly, barefoot

Doing drugs and being dicks”

We didn’t protest speakers

We took over campus by force

We burnt cars and bombed buildings

And hit professors over the wrong course

We grew up to be the leaders

Who knew we’d change the world

Through money lust and rapacious greed

And values we could twist and twirl

We left a moral vacuum

And an Everest high with debt

And the remnants of a great society

And a polluted, damaged climate

We kinda screwed up on our end

And pass you the baton

And though we yearn for better days

You’re the ones to build a future on

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