Enlightenment Tips from the “Aikido Attorney”

Ian Shrago is “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” meets “L.A. Law”.

“Enlightenment” has gotten a horrible name. It’s been degraded by hippie- haired healers with wind chimes and rattles, spouting esoteric crap about “healthy living” while they look half dead.

Ian Shrago is enlightened and he’s different;

“Aikido was designed to lead to peace and harmony in the world. That is its purpose. How I got to where I am? When we’re born, we’re a vessel to receive. We are designed to receive and as we receive, as we progress through Life,and that’s why we’re here, to increase our spirits in this Life and soul; at some point, hopefully, we’ll realize “gimme, gimme” ego is not spiritually satisfying. It doesn’t give our souls anything.”

Why New Asianism LOVES Ian;

When’s the last time you heard a lawyer talk about “soul”?

He rose to the top of the top (partner of his own firm), in the most cutthroat, brutal profession on earth, by being open and giving

He can write up a contract AND physically make you sign it- if he wants

He could have chosen a martial art that breaks bricks but instead does one that builds harmony

He’s got a great English accent and convinced me England was an empire that changed the world for the better

He’s living proof that what he says works

“I hope other attorneys say “maybe we should teach, do some other stuff, meditate, mediate, other than being the baddest on the block”. It’s not satisfying our souls. If you’re spiritual, there’s no “fight” in you. You don’t want to hurt, destroy people.”
“For people you don’t get along with, this is the restriction in your life. Asians know they have a direct connection with the Creator, not with the person you despise, etc.If you have no connection to that and you take that person and go “I’m going to be nice to you”, not be a doormat, but nice in the sense of the world, you’ll be surprised, that horrible, nasty, despicable person may see the light “what am I doing this for. He’ such a nice guy”. That’s your mission in Life, take that conflict and resolve it.”

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