Stress lessons I learned from my 2 Amazin’ Asian Women

I was raised on a farm by 2 amazin’ Asian women, in a Montana town with less than a thousand people, 5 church steeples, 3 bars and 2 gas stations. These were pioneer women, who gave no quarter and could outwork a hundred men in the fields. They burnt kimchi in their souls and made kimchi by hand, and set out kimchi and rice and meat and potatoes side by side for every meal.

Get up and walk!

My Grandma got up at 4 in the morning and got outside first thing because she knew nature revives. Nature awakens the soul in all its glory. Even if you get up at 10, get up and out!

Breathe it in

Horses that breathe shallow can’t run. Same with humans. When you’re out and about, breathe in deep, take in air all the way down head to toes. Prove you’re alive!

Move in all directions

My Grandma was barely over 4 feet tall, never lifted a weight and could arm wrestle a grizzly bear. That’s cause she did her stretchy- bendy exercises every day. Even rolling your hips for flexibility gives you functional, not one directional strength.

Eat kimchi

When life gets bland, boring, routine, inject spice! Do something that’s balls to the wall, “I don’t care what people think”, whitewater rafting without a paddle type thing. We’d go to Yellowstone for a day, just to have bears and bison nudging the car over.

Don’t ever go to bed dis- settled

If you have a conflict of the soul, resolve it before sleep. Make sure the head that hits your pillow is filled with “peace of mind”.