How to talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime

Bushido tips to Communication Confidence

Brian Kamei is the Hollywood Samaurai, and he “made it” in Hollywood at a time when there was nothing for minorities, especially Asians. He did it with no connections, no rich relatives, and 2 kids. He did it because he had the Communication Confidence built from his Asian DNA, growing up in East L.A., and the intelligence to know that intelligence doesn’t matter. Some tips-

Integrate, don’t separate

Too much of what we do is us working against ourselves. We separate “jobs” from “relaxation” from “family” from “life”. We walk around with hard bodies and soft minds. The reason companies like Toyota, Sony, Samsung succeeded was because they connected everything to function as a unit. Mind, body, Spirit must do the same.

Horizontal, not vertical

The thing Brian learned as an actor was we “think” too much. Everything seeps from the head, but what if the head isn’t thinking “right”. Then it pollutes everything it seeps down to. When you are in stress and anxiety, you’re thinking centralized from your mind down. Imagine yourself lying down, in equal balance, and let all those emotions flow to calmness.

Live by a code

The Samaurai system was based on the “code” of Bushido; a set of rules for living that you were willing to die for. It made them the fiercest warriors in Japan, willing to face death without flinching. Before you open your mouth, people will “read” your authenticity by the way you posture your “code”-

Honor- standing for something

Courage- ambition to approach despite fear

Compassion- not critical and judgmental

Self control, discipline- not taking rejection and failure personally

Expect worst, try best

Most of fear is losing control. But going into any situation, it’s out of your control. It’s Pollyannish to impose “how” things are going to turn out with positive thinking. Asians live in the harshest climates, crushed by tsunamis, war, explosions, atomic bombs, and even Godzilla. The secret is, Asians don’t “positive think”; whatever happens will happen, it might not be pretty, but we’re going to make the best of it. For Brian, that’s what makes acting exciting; coping with the unexpected.

The future is now

The lonely people at the end of the bar at midnight are the ones who have “tomorrow” thinking. “I didn’t do it today, there’s always tomorrow”. No, there isn’t. Acting puts you in the moment. It shows you that what you do now is all you got. Too many people try to “act” perfectly. That gets you nada. “If not now, when?”. The next time you hesitate, you have to instill the urgency that this moment is all you have and go for “it”.

Communication Confidence is a learned skill at