Tiger Mom; Getting rid of “roadblock” people

Robin Kellogg, Tiger Mom expert and author of best-selling book, on how to get rid of the humans who hold you back from your dreams

If you have the wrong people in your Life, you will fail.

Robin Kellogg is a Tiger Mom who honed her expertise dealing with a child with a major illness.

Building a positive support system and getting the negative out of her Life is profiled in her book, A LIFE PUT ON HOLD;

  1. Life is too short; to deal with those who judge or criticize you. If you have these people in your Life, first thing is to cut them like dead branches on a bonsai.
  2. Never deal with “clerk” mentalities; that is, people who say why it “can’t” be done and theh spew all negative impressions in your mind. The person who accentuates problems without solutions is no worth to you.
  3. Never forgive those who wrong you; people who are late, manipulative, power- playing, are not worth your time or benevolence. Get rid of them without a hint of guilt.
  4. Look around you; if you are surrounded by negative influences in your Life, and you are paying attention and sincerely want to change, you will see your plight clearly. Then you must take the actions to change your circumstances.

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