Increase your sales 110%

Sales is a hard, long, unforgiving profession. Like sports, it’s the truest test of character- either you meet quota or not. After years of being in sales and studying salespeople, we’ve found that we all have an “inner salesperson”. How else to get jobs, houses, cars, credit, and negotiating with our kids over Christmas presents.

Companies spend $2.2 billion training people in sales, but the same problems still exist. Lack of focus and customization, confusing protocol, complex rules, no reinforcement for problem issues.

We’ve studied the systems of great companies like Toyota, Samsung and Sony, and found they succeed largely because they apply the principles of Bushido and Kaizen; systems based on Asian principles of integration of mind- body- spirit. It can work equally for individuals, group, and company performance. It’s worth looking into for your bottom line.

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