The Sacred Buddhist Statue Under the Sea at Nusa Penida

The charm of the island of Bali is well known around the world. The beauty of nature, culture, art and tourist attractions that make many people love to this island. There is one of the most amazing tourist attractions, located at the southeastern tip of Bali Island, in Kelungkung regency. Nusa Penida is the most widespread island of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. This place has many hills, cliffs, beaches and other natural beauty. Back in the 1990’s, this place attracted many investors. After that built a dock for the ship that brought many tourists to enjoy the beauty of Nusa Penida. This small island is growing and many tourism accommodations such as hotels, villas, restaurants and more.

Nusa Penida can be reached through 4 ports such as Benoa port, Sanur-Denpasar beach, Kusamba-Klungkung and Padangbai Port. This Place has a unique history because once Nusa Penida a is a place to accommodate the criminals during the Gelgel dynasty of the 18th century. Gelgel able be King of Nusa Penida by killing the last king of Dalem Nusa after that, this place does not set the royal system on his government.

The beauty of nature is very beautiful. White sand beaches and blue sea water are very calm and relaxed. Many types of fish and coral that you can see by snorkeling and diving. Shells scattered in the sand add to the exotic island. There is one of the excellent diving and snorkeling spots that are in the many that you can do in this place like diving, snorkeling is between the sea of Nusa Penida Island with Nusa Lembongan. On the seabed, there is a very different view than the other sea. There are Buddha statues and many stupas like Borobudur Temple that will surprise and amaze you. The value of art and religion combined with the marvelous beauty of the sea. This is an incredible and rare sight. This statue in already existed more than 10 years ago, which is at a depth of 7 meters. The statue of Buddha and its Stupa are mossy, reefs and many small fish are there. You have to be careful when you dive there because the water current is fast.

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