We aren’t doomed by climate change. Right now we are choosing to be doomed.
Joe Romm

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If John Romm thinks man causes climate change to any extent he is a moron or a liar. Here are the real facts about the so called science of climatology. All they have are some observations and some theories about what causes there observed events to happen and nothing more. You could try and count the so called computer models but all the computing power in the World isn’t enough to model the climate accurately. So what we have is half science. There are no scientific facts to support their theories period. Real science needs experimentation to confirm or disprove the theories and these have to withstand the rigors of other scientist doing the same or equivalent experiments. Unfortunately climatologist can’t do experiment because the climate is too complex and doesn’t lend itself to any practical experiment. So any climatologist making unfounded claims is a charlatan and nothing more. What’s even more scary, they don’t even seem to realize the accuracy of their own data. The current temperature measuring equipment only measures to +/- 1 or 2 degrees yet they make wild claims of less than a degree change. With the equipment they have, they can’t measure a one degree change. It just shows the incompetence in the profession. Why I have come to the realization that climate science is not real science as practiced by many of the alarmist. Thy want us to spend billions of dollars on their opnions alone with no science behind it.

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