It’s Summer.

this past year has been one of the worst and the best years of my life ( the former more than the latter ) and I can definitely say that I’ve learnt a lot and I think I’ve grown a little. Tomorrow is my last day of exams and the official start of my summer, I’ve got high expectations for it and I just can’t wait to get out there and meet new interesting people, make friendships that are going to last me a lifetime, watch all the shows I’ve been wanting to; house of cards s03, suits, silicon valley s04, friends, even game of thrones! I want to get a killer tan- I realized how literal that could be if I got skin cancer from it but you know what I mean. and even learn new talents like an instrument or cooking or whatever.

hopefully I don’t end up in my bed all day eating and sleeping my self to oblivion.. anyway hope you all have a wonderful summer and I’ll see you when I have better writing skills. cheers! xx