New year, new me.

this isn’t the type of new year where fireworks go off, music is playing and people are eagerly waiting to kiss that special someone at midnight . nope, this isn’t it . This is the kind of new year students dread and parents look forward to.Yup it’s the freaking new school year! I’ve been having this feeling of dread for the last three weeks I just stopped enjoying what was left of summer and instead obsessed over grades and how I need to change and all that but now that it’s here I just simply am not ready .

I’m not ready to wake up early , not ready for driving in morning traffic , to face people , to be asked how my summer went and how my grades are. I’m just not. I don’t know if it’s just me but the thought of starting from square one has me pretty much scared shitless . It is a legit fear isn’t it ? it’s just feeling like I haven’t accomplished much that gets to me or rather knowing how much work that needs to be done -I’m just a ray of sunshine aren’t I ?- but that’s inevitable in this world we live in , we’re always gonna start from zero and maybe reach a 100 only to fall back to zero once again so it all comes down to how you deal with it … you either mope around for three weeks or you spend them preparing for it… I really should start practicing what I preach.

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