Pet Peeves.

pet peeves come in all sorts of weird and sometimes even harmless actions that just make you want to rip your hair out or the hair of the person committing said actions. It’s optional . Obviously I’m about to tell you all about mine -shocker, I know- so let’s get started shall we…

número uno : when people take bad (the horrible kind that make you feel sorry for anyone who ever laid eyes on you. yup. sorry random passer by) pictures of me and then proceed to post them on every social media platform imaginable , you know, just in case someone may have missed it -god forbid that happens. and it’s even more irritating if you ask them to delete it and they’re like “ no, I like it.” no. just no.

número dos : drivers that don’t signal. like how hard could it be to flick that little switch ? it could save me a lot of confusion and probably a couple seconds of traffic. what’s even worse is when they signal left and turn right. I trusted you. You can’t betray my trust like that. not cool man. not cool.

número tres : secrets. I’m definitely not someone who pries into other’s businesses but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t irk me when I’m just hanging out with a couple of friends and then a bunch of them start whispering and you’re left there to pretend like it’s cool and you like admiring your beat up Vans anyway. and it’s even worse if there’s just three of us and you’re hanging out at their place so there isn’t much you can do -yup. been there done that- seriously have some sense of common courtesy !

ugh. people.