Baby Photography — Tips & Tricks from the Professionals

Baby photography is a perfect memento for new parents who want to capture their bundle of joy within those precious first weeks. Photo’s of our children are always going to be treasured, but as we’ve become an increasingly visual society there’s been a rise in new parents wanting to share those perfect pictures of their new born with friends and family. Of course as a photographer, getting to spend hours on end with a cute and cuddly bundle of joy can be a true career highlight. Especially when you know it means so much to the family.

Allowing you to hone your craft with your clients and a more still subject matter, baby photography is definitely a great option for those who are just starting their careers. As baby photography is a hot niche to add to your portfolio, we’ve asked some of the current experts in baby photography to share their tips and tricks so that you’re fully prepared for these tiny humans.


Not only is this probably the first time that the baby has been in front of camera, but it may also be the first time that the parents have taken part in a studio shoot, so it’s essential you discuss your expectations of the photo shoot so that they feel at ease when they arrive. “Let them know that the room will be very warm to keep the baby comfortable, and advise for them to keep baby awake for longer periods of time before arriving so that they are more likely to nap during the session. And of course don’t forget to ask them the bring extra nappies, milk and any other essentials.” — Valentina at Photograface

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Author: Richard LeCount

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